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Welcome to the world, Alphabear 2

Today, my Spry Fox family and I launched Alphabear 2. This game is very special to me and I want to tell you why.

The first Alphabear – a quirky English word puzzle game, for those of you who haven’t played it – was an award-winning and relatively popular game. It has been downloaded well over five million times. It didn’t make much money relative to other games with similar popularity, but people who loved it really loved it, and that has always been more important to us.

More interestingly, we kept hearing (predominantly via reviews) that some people considered the game to be educational, even though we hadn’t intended to create an educational game. Truthfully, I still don’t believe that the original Alphabear was particularly educational, but I could understand why some folks felt it had that potential, and it seemed like we could build on that.

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