Bad News for Xbox 360 in Japan

Not a good week for Xbox in Japan. Yesterday, a bunch of different blogs reported that no new RPGs would be available in time for the Japan launch. RPGs are considered an essential enticement for the Japanese gamer.

Today, Next Generation reports on a survey of Japanese consumers and dealers. 26% of dealers said they think the 360 “will be no better than [the original] Xbox.” Consumers expressed more excitement about upcoming DS and PS2 games than anything for the 360.

Two notable sentiments expressed by dealers: “We want to push for all the Nintendo related products as in the end these are the ones which sell the most. We are preparing corners where kids will be able to play games comfortably.” Also: “We will equip our store with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection so we expect kids to come in number to enjoy it.” Things sound good for Nintendo, not so good for Microsoft.

There’s a theory among console makers: to wipe out a competitor, you must dominate at least two of the three major markets. Microsoft has always played for keeps… looks like now they’ll need to play harder in the US and Europe. At least they’ve resisted the urge to fall back on bikini-based advertising…

(To be fair, Microsoft has learned from past mistakes: they have more games, a sleeker console, etc)

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