Nintendo Revolution: fun for all ages (and not just by default?)

Is it a marketing shift? Shigeru Miyamoto (of Nintendo) is talking about connecting with consumers young and old. He notes that the new Revolution controller is shaped like a TV remote to make it more accessible to all.

This great teaser for the controller implies as much. Will Nintendo ultimately make a real effort (on both the marketing and design side) to target older consumers, or will this be the same old “family-friendly” aka kid-centric shtick we’re all familiar with.

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One response to “Nintendo Revolution: fun for all ages (and not just by default?)

  1. I am unbelievably excited about the Revolution controller. I think it appeals to both ends of the market (casual & hardcore), because it simultaneously provides more control and extensibility with an easier way of using it.

    One of the reasons I’m into games is because I view them as an exercise in creating highly intuitive interfaces. Nintendo was absolutely correct in recognizing this, and their efforts to develop really intuitive physical devices will substantially boost both them and the entire industry.

    The Rev controller is definitely going to be the best controller for FPS games, which covers the hardcore crowd. The only question is how much better — is it going to be as much of a difference as mouse+keyboard was over just the keyboard? I think so.

    Anyway, I guess the ‘kids-only’ perception of the Revolution will depend on the sorts of third parties Nintendo is able to attract. Nintendo’s first-party games will probably not change too much in focus.

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