SOE: broadening the MMO market?

SOE president John Smedley talks about subscription-free MMOs (which rely on upsell models) and moving from the RPG genre to action and strategy. One interesting tidbit: over 33% of the EQ2 players paid for extra services like guild forms and guild chat.

I wish more MMO makers would explore extending the medium to casual and hardcore-but-short-on-time gamers. Yo Ho Ho Puzzle Pirates (among other games) has proven that you can make an MMO for an older audience. There are turn-based models of play that offer satisfying MMO experience in 30-minute bites. Remember the old MM BBS games? Those rocked.

Older gamers (with lives and/or kids) often can’t enjoy Everquest (or WoW) when interesting raids take four hours to complete, and guildmates play obsessively (leaving behind less committed gamers.)

3 responses to “SOE: broadening the MMO market?

  1. How True! Throw kids in the mix, and you just don’t have that kinda time! I’m luck 2 watch an entire movie! 😉

  2. I think any companies that move away from standard pricing schemes and distribution methods will reap great rewards because the audience won’t be as cynical about the cost.

    People were so psyched to buy Half-Life 2 over Steam, even though a) it was more expensive than the in-box edition, and b) Steam sucks. You were downloading the goddamn future, and that was worth something.

  3. Here are some popular bite-size MMOs:

    Urban Dead

    Kingdom of Loathing

    I think they’re both web-based (never played either), which is also cool, in that it blurs the distinction between the game and real life. Plus you can play them at work.

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