Dance To Your Own Beat (Literally)

Oh happy day … I’ve spotted the convergence of two of my favorite topics: physically-active games and user-generated content. 🙂

Codemasters has announced that Dance Factory will be available for purchase in April. Dance Factory is DDR with a twist: game content is auto-generated using a player’s own music collection. In other words, you can dance to anything you own (or create!) I wonder what would happen if you popped Barry Manilow in the drive…

This screenshot shows that the game has a definite emphasis on exercise: it displays “calories burned”, “equivalent jogging”, and “equivalent swimming”. I wonder if this might almost be too much information? I think the fitness angle is extremely important, but it’s kind of a downer to think about jogging when I’m looking for fun. More of a downer if I play a quick game and burn hardly any calories. Maybe there’s another way to communicate this information? Doritos incinerated, perhaps? Gotta choose a small food unit to keep the reported numbers high. 🙂

BTW, Codemasters has also produced Music Generator 3, in tandem with MTV. Good example of the correct way to fuse consumer brands with video game content — sensible and relevant to the gameplay.

One response to “Dance To Your Own Beat (Literally)

  1. So, Music Generator 3 allows you to make a 15 second music clip then cut to a commercial? Zing!

    The Calories count is always depressing. Maybe it should display lower-case calories, which are one thousandth the size. You’d burn up like a jillion of those. Even some fake energy unit would be more satisfying since it would increment more often. At the end of the game they could display the equivalence, but you typically wouldn’t be bothered to do the mental math while you’re dancing.

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