Enhancing the Effectiveness of In-Game Advertising

Gamasutra just published an article of mine: Enhancing the Effectiveness of In-Game Advertising. The main premise is: creative application of consumer behavior theory (and common sense) can make in-game ads more powerful – and more fun. Check it out!  🙂

3 responses to “Enhancing the Effectiveness of In-Game Advertising

  1. Nice article. You really got into some creative uses of in-game advertising. I bet a lot of marketing people haven’t really thought that way before, and it’ll be hard for them to adapt to this new medium. I wonder if you’ll get a lot of requests to consult with advertising firms on their in-game marketing strategies.

  2. I stopped playing and uninstalled Splinter Cell Chaos Theory when the update system they have shoved in virtual posters of a tv show I couldn’t care less about into the game, when I thought that it was some kind of software patch.
    I play games to get away from all that C**P. There’s enough bad advertising being shoved in our faces as it is. Something like this happening to games is enough to get me to stop playing.

  3. M – I hear you. That’s why in-game advertising, if employed at all, must fit into the game naturally — even make it *more* enjoyable. Thus my mcdonalds/starbucks-simcity example, which i continue to believe is cool. 🙂 Random virtual posters in splinter cell: not quite so cool.

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