Sony Cares More About Blu-Ray than the PS3?

More interesting news via Next Gen; this time covering speculation that Sony is actually more concerned about Blu-ray (and beating Toshiba’s HD-DVD) than it is about competition from Xbox. Take this along with my assertion that Microsoft sees Xbox as primarily a defense of its home computing monopoly, and games start to feel rather extraneous to the upcoming console war.

Anyway, Next Gen presents some good reasons for Sony to be concerned about HD-DVD. Michael Pachter speculates that, in a successful scenario, Blu-ray could be worth $2B/year in royalties to Sony. Much-needed cash for a company that derives an uncomfortably huge percentage of its profit from just its games division. Then again, given that huge percentage, one finds it hard to believe that Sony would discount the importance of the PS3. If the 360 fails, Microsoft still has Windows. If the PS3 fails, Sony has… not quite so much.

And that’s my point. I don’t believe you can meaningfully distill Sony’s battle plan into something as simple as “win Blu-ray!” The PS3 is important to Sony’s future. Blu-ray is important to Sony’s future. It’s all tied up together, and I’ll bet that creates some really interesting tensions within the company.

Nintendo’s strategy keeps looking good to me. Let Microsoft and Sony kill each other in the high end market, fighting wars that don’t all relate specifically to games. Perhaps any consumer who wishes to own two consoles will opt for a PS3 or a 360… and the Revolution. It’ll be cheap enough, and it’ll have a bunch of innovative games that you can’t play on the other consoles.

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  1. This is easily the most important article of the year so far. Seems like Xbox is going for the jugular as far as online capability is concerned, with DVD in the corner of their eye–and it is vice versa for Sony.

  2. I am eagerly awaiting the Ninetendo Revolution as it would really be a new gaming experience. However, if you look at what happened with the DS (at least for me), it got boring after a few months, and was opted out for the PSP. The same may happen here with the PS3, if it comes out after the revolution. I really think only hardcore nintendo fans and the younger crowd will be drawn to the revolution.

    As for the war between sony and microsoft. I think that the people that previously owned an xbox will get the 360, and the people that previously owned a ps2 will get a ps3. The two consoles will probably be even in sales.

  3. Sony’s Playstion 2 has sold over 90 million units, far outselling anything Microsoft has
    Come up with. They’d better care more about the console than the blu-ray format or Xbox360
    is going to eat their lunch. I wanted to wait for the PS3, but my son wanted the Xbox360.
    I’m here to tell you, it’s a formidable system, and Sony better play it’s cars right with
    their response. From what I’ve read the Xbox360 is already far more powerful than the
    proposed PS3. It’s not to late for them (I hope).

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