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  • A measure of the problems facing Star Wars Galaxies (and Sony’s determination to overcome them): John Smedley, President of SOE, has taken the time to repeatedly post (i.e. more than 10 times) on a thread in an SWG fan forum. He comes across as just another guy. Unusual, and commendable. And probably too little, too late.
  • Cell-phone game developers increasingly shift towards “flexible” pricing — i.e. X cents per play, or $Y to rent a game for Z days (or months).
  • Midway posts $113M loss for fiscal ’05
  • Sony follows Nintendo’s lead; announces PSP kiosks for Japan that will provide game demo downloads to visitors.
  • Indian animation and gaming forum established, just one month after the Indian Games Industry and Trade Association (iGITA). Cell phone gaming in this market is going to be so huge…
  • Sony admits possible PS3 delays. The company cites Blu-Ray as the culprit, but this recent Arstechnica piece places blame squarely on the complexity of the Cell processor.
  • In-game advertising expected to remain low this year, but dramatically increase soon thereafter.
  • U2 Concert faithfully recreated in Second Life.

3 responses to “Articles of Interest

  1. “Sony follows Nintendo’s lead; announces PSP kiosks for Japan that will provide game demo downloads to visitors.”

    Isn’t this following Microsoft’s lead? I thought the XBOX 360 kiosks were the first to have downloadable content, etc. But I may be wrong

  2. Nintendo has been offering demo downloads via kiosks (for the DS) in Japan for over a year now. Here’s a link:

  3. I wonder why more CEOs don’t post in the forums. I mean, I realize that a CEO has a lot of demands on his time, but making occasional appearances in the forums would do a ton to boost the perception that you care about your paying cutomers.

    I recall reading somewhere that high-ranking managers tend to have poor digital communication skills, whether because they’re old and unused to typing, or because something about that personality type precludes editing. I’m willing to bet that some of them don’t post in forums at least partially because they would be of the “stfu noob” quality.

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