Articles of Interest

  • A measure of the problems facing Star Wars Galaxies (and Sony’s determination to overcome them): John Smedley, President of SOE, has taken the time to repeatedly post (i.e. more than 10 times) on a thread in an SWG fan forum. He comes across as just another guy. Unusual, and commendable. And probably too little, too late.
  • Cell-phone game developers increasingly shift towards “flexible” pricing — i.e. X cents per play, or $Y to rent a game for Z days (or months).
  • Midway posts $113M loss for fiscal ’05
  • Sony follows Nintendo’s lead; announces PSP kiosks for Japan that will provide game demo downloads to visitors.
  • Indian animation and gaming forum established, just one month after the Indian Games Industry and Trade Association (iGITA). Cell phone gaming in this market is going to be so huge…
  • Sony admits possible PS3 delays. The company cites Blu-Ray as the culprit, but this recent Arstechnica piece places blame squarely on the complexity of the Cell processor.
  • In-game advertising expected to remain low this year, but dramatically increase soon thereafter.
  • U2 Concert faithfully recreated in Second Life.

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