Articles of Interest

  • Interesting study of the prevalence of profanity in Xbox Live.
  • Via Slashdot, an academic study claims to demonstrate that online games help children transition more successfully from school to work environments. I searched for a while but can’t find details. I’ve always believed that multiplayer games can teach kids teamwork skills; however, I’d like to know if this study actually tracked students (with similar socio-economic backgrounds) who were and were not frequent players of online games, and measured their performance during their transition to work. That would help support a strong claim.
  • Highly-anticipated EA title, Black, leaked onto Internet.
  • Atari lays off 20% of workforce. (Recruiters, start your engines!)
  • Game Eaters has posted a convincing response to the assertion that single player games are “doomed.”
  • United Nations Food Force (free game) hits 3M downloads.

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