Take-Two Reveals Acquisition Costs, Legal Premonitions

Via Gamasutra, a breakdown of the highlights from Take-Two’s 10-K report. Aside from the notable (but unsurprising) revelation that North Carolina and Connecticut may soon join Los Angeles in suing over Hot Coffee, what I found interesting was information regarding the acquisition prices of Firaxis, Indie Built, and Irrational Games.

Apparently, Irrational (a respected studio about to release the much-anticipated System Shock 2) was worth between $6.2M and $10M, depending on future performance. Firaxis (also respected, but older, and with claims to well-established IP such as Civilization) went for $26.7M, a significant portion of which is also dependent upon future performance. Indie Built (Top Spin, Amped) settled in between the two at $18.5M.

So, does this mean that Sid and Civ are worth approximately $17M? ($26.7M – $10M). Or does it mean nothing more than “Take-Two will pay whatever it takes to cease being ‘Just the Parent of Rockstar, Inc.'” ?

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