Articles of Interest

  • Acclaim is reborn; this incarnation focused primarily on free online games.
  • Forrester Research predicts growing PC market; calls PC the “dominant” gaming platform. Unfortunately, no distinction appears to be made between casual games, MMOs, and traditional AAA titles. Lumping casual games (i.e. Minesweeper & Solitaire) in with AAA titles isn’t very informative; it’s like saying “sales of cars are rising in the US.” OK, but which cars? Apparently not GM’s
  • World of Warcraft has reached 6M subscribers. [Insert corny “wow” one-liner here.]
  • Shanda, which late last year eliminated the subscription fees for many of its games, announced a big loss this quarter.
  • Be your favorite celebrity in Second Life. I have to say, I’m amazed (and pleased!) that Linden Lab has yet to be attacked by an army of IP laywers…

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