Articles of Interest

  • Rockstar is making a table tennis game for the 360 and is charging $39.99 for it. Could work, if the designers exercise a little creativity. (Personally, I’d enjoy a game with powerups, exaggerated animation, etc). The price tag might really appeal to gamers reeling from the $60 cost of most 360 titles; then again, even $39.99 might be too high for something like this. Depends on the quality of the game.
  • Via Gamasutra, an interesting article exploring the value of cooperative play. IMO, the market is sorely in need of more games with serious coop modes. I think everyone would enjoy them. And hey, studies suggest that women particularly appreciate cooperative play; useful thing for a female-starved industry to note. Speaking of coop, check out Raph Koster’s thoughts on a healing-centric MMOG.
  • Blizzard is making World of Warcraft customers compete for a slot in the WoW expansion beta-test. The competition is itself a test of new hardware that Blizzard wants to analyze under stress. Man, next thing you know, they’ll have WoW users paying for the privilege of receiving press releases.  đź™‚

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