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  • Rockstar is making a table tennis game for the 360 and is charging $39.99 for it. Could work, if the designers exercise a little creativity. (Personally, I’d enjoy a game with powerups, exaggerated animation, etc). The price tag might really appeal to gamers reeling from the $60 cost of most 360 titles; then again, even $39.99 might be too high for something like this. Depends on the quality of the game.
  • Via Gamasutra, an interesting article exploring the value of cooperative play. IMO, the market is sorely in need of more games with serious coop modes. I think everyone would enjoy them. And hey, studies suggest that women particularly appreciate cooperative play; useful thing for a female-starved industry to note. Speaking of coop, check out Raph Koster’s thoughts on a healing-centric MMOG.
  • Blizzard is making World of Warcraft customers compete for a slot in the WoW expansion beta-test. The competition is itself a test of new hardware that Blizzard wants to analyze under stress. Man, next thing you know, they’ll have WoW users paying for the privilege of receiving press releases.  đź™‚

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  1. Cooperative gaming has so much potential, but at the same time I feel that it’s very vulnerable to its one weakness: other people. Cooperative play is as much about your relationship with your co-op partners. It’s about how well you work together as a team, and whether you can communicate effectively.

    This is simply not going to work very well if your partner is some random asshole off the internet. Team-based games such as CTF are blighted to the point where they are effectively single-player. Some games can design around this, such as Massively Multiplayer Pong (which is admittedly lame). Perhaps guilds can make up for lack of good co-op partners?

  2. > This is simply not going to work very well if your partner
    > is some random asshole off the internet.

    LOL. Well, hopefully the user feedback rating system in platforms like Xbox Live will help you avoid the assholes. Guilds can definitely help, too, as could some sort of symbiotic relationship with a popular p2p network like myspace.

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