Articles of Interest

  • Wired has published a very funny satirical take on World of Warcraft. This basically sums up everything I don’t like about the game.
  • Terra Nova discusses the pros and cons of regularly purging MMO player databases. Seems like a radical concept, but a number of interesting comments on the post have noted: A) it isn’t new, and B) you could have fun with it, if you advance the game’s plot between purges.
  • Bioware joins the growing ranks of MMORPG developers. This is a company that really understands market dynamics, so I can’t wait to hear more.
  • Rumor has it that Sony will offer PS1 and PS2 titles to PS3 customers via digital download.
  • Via Digg, a hysterical video of two guys dressed like pacman and ghost, chasing around a library.  đź™‚
  • Clothing designers get into the in-game product placement act. Inevitable. And probably a very good idea, if handled correctly.

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