GMC: Wrap-up

All in all, I quite enjoyed this conference. None of the speakers were asleep at the wheel, and the audience asked a large number of surprisingly sharp questions… a benefit of having such a focused gathering, I suppose. It makes me wish I had more opportunities to chat with a large, diverse group of functional specialists (marketers, producers, artists… whatever!)

I do wish more speakers had shared hard metrics — costs of a given campaign, quantifiable measures of success (or failure), etc. Everyone’s so worried about giving up their secret sauce that they miss wonderful opportunities to learn for one another, and to move the industry forward.

BTW, I have to say: I tend to disagree with Michael Pachter more often than not, but
his comments on the Nintendo Revolution were entirely in-line with mine. Can’t say much for the rest of it, though. Personally, I know a ton of people who would love to play a well-made Godfather game, and I’m by no means ancient.

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