Articles of Interest

  • In the OMFG! category: some Korean mothers are helping to power-level their children’s online game characters, to free up time for school work. Falling behind in games can apparently result in real-life ostracism by peers. I’m thinking there are worse things than ostracism… :-/
  • Joystiq has published a list of confirmed titles that will showcase the abilities of the Revolution controller. It isn’t a long list, but it is very interesting.
  • Viacom (MTVN) has acquired Xfire for $102M. Xfire is an IM client and community portal for gamers — I interviewed them back in March.
  • 4Kids Entertainment (which produces cartoons such as Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon) will manage global merchandising for the Xbox brand.
  • It’s good to be king: EA CEO Larry Probst took home $12.6M in total compensation in 2005.

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