EOCS: The New Economics of Gaming

Back in January, Henry and I gave a talk at the Economics of Open Content Symposium on “The New Economics of Gaming”, which is basically a vague, grandiose way of saying “a talk on user-generated content and the video game industry.” A video clip of the entire session was recently made publicly available here.

On a fast connection, the video quality is great. Otherwise, you’ll get nothing but chop, but at least the sound quality remains consistently adequate throughout.

One response to “EOCS: The New Economics of Gaming

  1. Great lecture!!!

    I feel that for any user enabled content genertion, the game must have excellent tools. Tools which are very stable and are able to hide the ip factor involved in their making. However, unless the game is intially devised to be so flexible, it becomes extremely hard for developers to open such options at later stages of development. This I believe is because the game development industry is still not very sure about the best practices of software engineering. At the same time the increasing costs of development and tight deadlines restrict most of the companies to try experimenting with newer theories.

    Guess what I am trying to say is although the designers would want to have more user content generation capability for their game, the heavy dependence of this on efficient game development cycle and thus increase in cost, restricts such a move.

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