Articles of Interest

  • Nice graph of console prices from 1976 onwards, adjusted for inflation. Note that in the past, none of the more expensive consoles proved very successful…
  • As noted in an earlier article of interest, EA’s R&D spending is skyrocketing. They’ve since announced the total sum: up 15-20% this fiscal year to ~$900M.
  • Starting June 1, Atari is slashing prices on all current-gen titles, across all platforms, to just $19.99.
  • Via Wonderland, news that Google is promoting the development of its own Metaverse via a 3-D modeling program called SketchUp, which can add 3D layers on top of Google Earth. This news is actually a few months old, but it appears to have recently captured the attention of the mass media, big time. Avatars rumored to be coming to Google Earth soon.
  • Konami is doing some really interesting things!
    1. Karaoke Revolution and American Idol are being fused. There are so many interesting things you could do with this, assuming a high level of cooperation with the TV show, internet play, etc!
    2. Dance Dance Revolution is being turned into a television show (ala American Idol). Maybe it’ll fly, maybe it won’t. But it’s definitely worth a shot.

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2 responses to “Articles of Interest

  1. On the graph, I was surprised to note that Nintendo has released every single console at $200. Though the rumor is the Wii will be at $250, so maybe they’ll be keeping up with inflation finally.

    My initial impression of the DDR TV show was that it had nothing in common with the game except for the name. Kinda boring if so.

  2. > My initial impression of the DDR TV show was that it had
    > nothing in common with the game

    That would be a real shame. I’ve watched professional dancers play DDR — it’s a sight to see. I was thinking Konami might do something interesting and introduce a new, more complex version of the game for the show — something that really enabled contestants to move impressively…

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