Articles of Interest

  • Nice graph of console prices from 1976 onwards, adjusted for inflation. Note that in the past, none of the more expensive consoles proved very successful…
  • As noted in an earlier article of interest, EA’s R&D spending is skyrocketing. They’ve since announced the total sum: up 15-20% this fiscal year to ~$900M.
  • Starting June 1, Atari is slashing prices on all current-gen titles, across all platforms, to just $19.99.
  • Via Wonderland, news that Google is promoting the development of its own Metaverse via a 3-D modeling program called SketchUp, which can add 3D layers on top of Google Earth. This news is actually a few months old, but it appears to have recently captured the attention of the mass media, big time. Avatars rumored to be coming to Google Earth soon.
  • Konami is doing some really interesting things!
    1. Karaoke Revolution and American Idol are being fused. There are so many interesting things you could do with this, assuming a high level of cooperation with the TV show, internet play, etc!
    2. Dance Dance Revolution is being turned into a television show (ala American Idol). Maybe it’ll fly, maybe it won’t. But it’s definitely worth a shot.

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