Articles of Interest

  • Sony has announced that several anticipated games for the PS3 will not be completed in time for launch, fueling speculation that the PS3 will have significantly fewer than 15 (promised) launch titles. Of course, as many have noted, there are probably five million gamers out there who will snatch up early PS3s no matter how few titles it has nor how much it costs.
  • Check out the impressive 3d graphics on the latest high-end Nokia cell phones.
  • Speaking of phone games — Rob Tercek, founder of GDC Mobile, argues that the mobile game market is hitting a serious speed bump because carriers have failed to adequately support the market.
  • The Desperate Housewives game will feature product placements from Sears throughout the home. Players will also receive valid coupons for real-world products in their home’s virtual mailbox. If the coupons can be used to purchase virtual items in game, but just so happen to also work in real life, that could be interesting. I’m not convinced it’ll work, but I’m looking forward to finding out one way or the other. I should add that if coupons are all you get in the mailbox, it probably won’t fly. And, on a tangent: the TV show Lost is being made into a game, too.
  • Via Digg, a UK government study found no link between playing games and aggressive behavior; furthermore, it demonstrated that playing games may actually help children.

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