Articles of Interest

  • Cute use of Flickr in Second Life — a floating picture frame that looks up your favourite Flickr tag and displays a random picture bearing that tag. Not the first interesting use of Flickr content in games… I expect it will find its way into AAA titles sooner or later.
  • Nintendo has launched a new brand and logo that will grace casual/user-friendly games such as Brain Age. “Touch Generations”. Kind of like “EA Sports”, only targetting a completely different demographic. 😉
  • More rumors (evidence?) that Apple is getting serious about games on the iPod. And if they’re successful, where to from there?…
  • Head of Content for Vodafone UK has blamed publishers for producing too many games, many of which are “crap” and “insult the customer.” Hmmm. Could lack of vision, poor menu systems, and insufficient marketing and developer support on the part of carriers be part of the problem?
  • Japanese consumers have shifted their attentions en masse following E3: from the PS3 to the Wii. Unclear to what extent price and novelty differentials are each to blame.

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