Random Wish

A brief interlude from business.

I would like to play a game about dragons. Not riding a dragon. Not fighting dragons. Being a dragon. I’m sure something like this has already been done on a limited scale, or perhaps on an old platform, but I have not heard of anything that fully captures the experience I want to have. Something that really communicates an awesome sense of power and destruction. Some games (like The Hulk) have moved in this direction, but I think there’s room for another, more glorious attempt.

For example, I’d like the player-dragon to occupy a large portion of the screen (1/4, perhaps.) Attack options should include: claws, bite, lashing tail, buffeting with wings, fire, and magic.

If I graze an enemy humanoid with fire, I want its hair or clothing to catch flame. If I blast them dead on, they should crackle, pop, and blacken. Biting attacks should remove chunks of my opponents. Tail swipes should send enemies flying. Nearby trees should wither or splinter before me. Homes should explode and collapse. Ponds should steam and evaporate. You get the idea.

When I fight a similarly-sized opponent (i.e. another dragon), it should feel epic. The screen should shake. The ground should be rent apart. If I’m hit by a particularly vicious attack, a permanent gash should be rent into my hide. Whole towns should be flattened in the course of the battle.

No, I don’t have issues with latent physical aggression. Really. I’ll punch you in the face if you say otherwise. However, I was that six-year-old kid who spent perhaps a bit too much time in fantasyland. Hey, Tolkein rules.

PS. If someone would like to make this game, I will happily promote your effort until my face turns blue. PPS. My friend Philip has pointed out that a game featuring player-as-dragon already exists. This abomination does NOT count (though it is funny.) And Philip: you’ve played way too many random web games.  😉

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