Articles of Interest

  • Foundation 9, owner of Backbone, Digital Eclipse, The Collective, and Pipeworks, will receive up to $150M over the next few years from Francisco Partners. Everybody’s empire-building, lately.  đź™‚
  • Via Slashdot, an interesting example of user-generated content. Someone is replacing the 300-odd generic book covers in Oblivion with really nice covers. Very thoughtful way to make the game world feel more real.
  • MMOG Chart has once again been updated. Runescape and Final Fantasy XI are doing well, relative to everything except Lineage and, of course, World of Warcraft (now at 6.5M players and climbing).
  • Rockstar’s Table Tennis is getting very good reviews. Not too long ago, hardcore gamers were heaping huge piles of scorn on Rockstar for developing this title. Still unclear what sales will ultimately shape up to be, but things are looking good.
  • Not games, but so clever it merits mention. Someone has turned clips from the Ten Commandments film into a mock trailer for a modern, cheesy high school drama flick. (Via the C3 blog)

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