Articles of Interest

  • USC has developed a tool that they claim can effectively, automatically identify flaws in game design by analyzing player experiences.
  • Microsoft’s Peter Moore hints at a simplified controller or control scheme for the Xbox (someday, somehow… we don’t know.) So much for teasing Sony about its “me too” motion-sensitive controller.  😉
  • The 2006 MI6 Consumer Study reveals that 26% of game buyers didn’t notice marketing for their most recently bought game. Unfortunately, we don’t know what portion of that 26% was subliminally affected by marketing (even if they lacked conscious recall), which makes it hard to use this information.
  • THQ CEO Brian Farrell revealed his thinking on the current potential of the MMOG market by saying that World of Warcraft cannot be competed with as of now. That’s effectively the same thing as saying “most people who might play MMOGs are playing MMOGs — specifically WoW.”
  • Meanwhile, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick says “The idea of full downloadable games is so far in the future that it’s almost incomprehensible as an opportunity.” I disagree. (Though, to be fair, we’re probably defining “opportunity” rather differently.)

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