Europe, Here I Come!

…or more specifically, London and Greece. Either way, it’s vacation time.  🙂

Itinerary: just a few days in London to see friends and dash madly from POI to POI. Then, a flight to Athens, followed by immediate escape to the islands, where we (Eve and I) intend to do a lot of walking, biking, swimming, eating, drinking, etc. Then, back to Athens to attend the wedding of our good friends Kimon and Milena. Then, two more days of aimless wandering in Athens before we return home. Two weeks in all, more or less.

Needless to say, blog activity will decrease while I’m away. However, since I’m a complete addict, it won’t cease entirely. I’ve future-dated some posts to keep things lively.  🙂  If I get around to it, I’ll check in with a photo or two.

PS. Due to technical issues, my blog’s mailer will not send out future-dated posts. Apologies to all email subscribers.

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