Spam Wars, Part 2

OK, apparently the spam shield that I installed was having some issues. It has been updated. If you’ve tried to leave a comment in the past and quit in frustration, please try again. And don’t hesitate to email me if it still doesn’t work (I’ve tested it, but then, I tested the older version too.) That’s: david. at. edery. dot. org.

If it keeps causing trouble, I’ll simply waive the white flag and suffer the spam. Until I find another solution (curse of being a geek… I simply cannot resist new WordPress plugins!)

PS. On a barely-related note: I’ve been told that good things might happen if people add this blog as a “favorite” in Technorati. OK, I’ll bite. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, as well as user of technorati, please consider adding me. If you’re registered it takes seconds. If you’re not registered, it takes a few more seconds.  😉

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