Back in Town

Well, I’m back in Boston. Time to dig myself out from under an avalanche of email, postal mail, voice mail, and dirty laundry. I expect the latter to be the highlight of my day…

Meanwhile, let me entertain you with the following photo, taken on the steets of Athens near the center of town. This is the entrance to one of many strip clubs in the city, and in case you don’t recognize it, that’s Grand Theft Auto cover art embedded in the street sign. This is a nice example of convergence culture in action, and it begs the question: does this serve Rockstar’s interests, or not? I’d argue that it does, but then, I don’t know what exactly is going on behind the doors of that club. Then again, maybe that’s irrelevant.  😉

PS. For those of you seeking tamer, more personal fare, I’ve uploaded a small number of pictures from the trip.

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