Articles of Interest

  • Sony is building “entitlements” (i.e. Xbox Achievements) into its online service. For some reason, this makes me think of medicare and social security … probably not the effect Sony was hoping for.  đź™‚
  • As you’ve probably heard, E3 may be greatly scaled down in size and scope. Game Politics offers some insight from a “knowledgeable source”, if you’re curious.
  • Via Raph, a nice article: Can Games Make You Cry? It proposes occassionally limiting interactivity (player control) in order to elicit sadness.
  • Lots of buzz around GameTap lately. Turner announced a deal with Konami, bringing classic titles like Frogger and Castlevania into the service. GameTap will also play exclusive host to Sam & Max: Season One (the franchise is going episodic.) This news triggered an endorsement of sorts by Tycho of Penny Arcade (which will probably do more for GameTap than many advertisements). Tycho’s remarks mirror those of GameTap VP David Reid, who recently said, “It’s great to have this bulk of things that people can look to while they’re waiting for the next installment of something new, but like HBO has its Sopranos and things like that, we need things like Sam & Max that we rely on to be the hits that anchor people and keep them on the network.”

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