Articles of Interest

  • The PSP just can’t catch a break. Latest bad news: EA is shifting development resources to the DS. Oh, and publicly decrying Sony’s pricing and technological failures (that has to hurt.)
  • Via Edge, a cute Grand Theft Auto parody advertisement by Coca Cola. (It’s stuff like this that makes Coke one of the most valuable brands on Earth.)
  • Another fun video: check out this PS3 vs. Wii spoof. (Unfortunately, I can’t remember where I first saw this.)
  • Microsoft has announced XNA Game Studio Express, a product which enables indie developers and students to develop games for the Xbox 360 and PC, and to share their games via the “Xbox 360 Creators Club”.
    • Game Studio Express will incorporate GarageGames’ Torque Engine.
    • Most of the prominent game design university programs in the US have already announced their intention to integrate Game Studio Express into their curricula.
    • My thoughts: this is all extremely promising. However, it sounds like the ability to share games on the Xbox 360 will initially be very limited. That’s a reasonable (initial) approach for Microsoft to take as it works out the kinks, but eventually, it would be good to see something more…

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