Moving On

I’ve got some news to share: this is my last week working full-time as Associate Director of Special Projects for MIT CMS. My time here has been really wonderful, and I feel like we’ve accomplished a tremendous amount with the successful launch and growth of C3. (We’ve also got something major percolating in the game space, but I can’t say anything about that until it really happens!)

I’ve been working with MIT for a couple of months now to ensure a smooth transition. Meanwhile, I’ve been exploring my options in the game industry, including roles in large companies as well as the possibility of starting or joining a startup. (There’s a lot of venture capital floating around out there, but that’s a temptation worth weighing carefully.) I haven’t made any decisions yet — and am enjoying the prospect of a little downtime — but I’ll certainly announce my next move the moment I’ve decided on it.  🙂

In the meantime (and for the foreseeable future), I will remain a research affiliate of MIT CMS. As always, if you are seeking insight into our research, want to recruit MIT students, or are interested in forming a partnership with the CMS Program (etc) please feel free to contact me. At a minimum, I will connect you with the appropriate person.

And of course, I’ll be continuing my independent consulting work for now (unless/until my next move makes that impractical.) I like the way that consulting enables me to tackle widely divergent business problems, despite the frustrating fact that I generally can’t share my experiences with others. NDAs don’t leave much wiggle room.

Anyway… it’s time to shut off my laptop and catch some Z’s on the beach. Cape Cod is beautiful this time of year!  🙂

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