Articles of Interest

  • Nice (if wordy) reminder of the dangers of overhyping a game. For those who want 90% of the article’s value in three seconds, I quote: “so long as [hype] is tempered by reality, and continually kept in check, it can propel a game to unbelievable heights.” I.e. shut down the big, misleading rumors in fan forums, don’t over-promise, etc. Reminds me of my last post.
  • Casual games on the iPod. Inevitable (and smart.)
  • Sony may or may not be planning to make Xfire the communication platform for Playstation Network. It’s definitely being integrated with at least one title. Either way, an interesting twist in the online service wars.
  • Valve, in another step towards meta-publisher status, will offer some Majesco titles via Steam.
  • Via Raph Koster, news that the Wii will offer “portable” avatars, in addition to web browsing, a calendar system, etc. I’m looking forward to seeing Nintendo’s implementation of all this! 🙂

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