Articles of Interest

  • MTVN’s Atom Entertainment has created a “newsgame” channel that will feature casual, news-centric games such as Persuasive Games’ Airport Security, which mocks recent, terrorism-inspired federal regulations.
  • PS3 games will be region-free. I’m interested to see how this impacts local and international fan communities, media coverage, marketing and pricing strategies, etc. Not to mention regional IP and rating issues. Of course, this assumes no other disclosed or undisclosed impediments to regional sharing that I’m unaware of.
  • Wired’s Clive Thompson joins the chorus of aging gamers (myself included) begging for non-casual content that can be enjoyed in less than 40 hours. Thompson mentions episodic content as a possible solution (something I’ve considered as well.) Thompson also mentions game designs that appeal to all “hardcore” consumer types (and he floats Halo as an example) — that too has been on my mind, and it deserves a dedicated post. Soon.

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