Articles of Interest

  • Interesting note in the C3 blog about two things. First: Netflix has launched a contest encouraging the community to help improve the Netflix recommendation engine (it is being received very well). Second: some good thoughts on how family-sharing of accounts can mess up recommendations (this problem extends beyond Netflix, of course.)
  • Acacia Group predicts that the gaming middleware market will grow 12% over the next five years, from $718M to $1.3B
  • Article questioning the quality of recent EA Sports titles. I have no personal opinion on this (I haven’t played any EA Sports titles recently) but, since I used EA Sports as an example in my lifestyle brands article, I thought I’d note that maintaining high quality is important to maintaining a strong lifestyle brand. EA is aware of this, I’m sure.
  • Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp has acquired Danish game developer ITE.

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