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  • Game Developer Magazine reports that, according to research group Strange Agency, “survival horror is the most appealing genre to hardcore female game players.” Explanation offered: these games typically provide a “compelling reason” to fight — i.e. plot elements that counterbalance the violence.
  • If you still don’t understand the scope of the virtual market in Second Life, check out this SL marketing guide. Wooo….
  • Gamasutra calls Planescape: Torment the 2nd-best RPG ever. Best ever, IMO.
  • Another article on product placements in games; this one explores their increasing pervasiveness and sophistication. One quote by Dave Perry caught my eye: “If you want this sword, [Acclaim’s 2Moons] would put up a message and ask if you would like Coca-Cola to buy this item for you.
  • A recent Neilsen study on gamer habits reveals some interesting things, including:
    • RPG buyers are the most likely to pre-order a desired title (which possibly suggests that RPGs would make especially good candidates for episodic content…)
    • Music is second most popular interest after games among active gamers (which explains, in part, MTVN’s aggressive posture in the space.)
    • “Active gamers” spend 14 hours per week playing console games, and 17 hours per week playing handheld games.
    • …and more (just go read it)

3 responses to “Articles of Interest

  1. Okay, Planetscape: Torment is a pretty good game and all that, but the article was discussing the RPGs that brought the genre forward – not which RPGs were the best… I mean, how could a list of the best RPGs not feature Betrayal at Krondor, Ultima IV or Phantasy Star! 🙂

  2. Those are way up there, too! Gotta admit, I’ve always had a slight grudge against Phantasy Star, because my best friend and I got all the way to the final boss and never figured out how to beat it. *grin*

    For a stroll down memory lane:

  3. Ooh, great link… Talk about nostalgia. I love the PSPages for more trivia an history and whatnot:

    I don’t know how many hours I spent playing PS; I must have finished it two or three times at least. But it took a long while. And I think I got stuck in Lassic’s castle one of the times. I was too crappy to beat him up, but couldn’t return to Palma – and of course I had forgotten to make sure that I had a saved game before I went to the sky castle. Sigh!

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