Articles of Interest

  • Via Raph Koster, a new portal called Pjio lets users upload games, which can be played and rated by other users via web browser. Players can actually embed games they like in their own website, ala YouTube. Developers currently get all the (game sale) profit and share in the portal’s ad revenue. And apparently there’s an API for community features like leaderboards.
  • Will be selling real goods in Second Life? And if so, how long will it be before they integrate into traditional games as well?
  • GameSpot is offering a $700 Wii bundle. Talk about “capitalizing on consumer enthusiasm”…
  • Gears of War is getting spectacularly good reviews. This is great for Microsoft on the eve of the PS3 launch. And, in other news that you’ve probably already heard, downloadable TV and film content now available via Xbox Live, including stuff like Nacho Libre, CSI, and NASCAR sports programming.

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