Articles of Interest

  • Sony launch news: Lazard Capital Markets (analyst) predicts just 150K-200K PS3s for the US launch in a few days, and the software tie-ratio for the Japanese PS3 has thus far fallen short of one game per system (0.98). That’s rather low. Sony’s silver-lining: consumer anticipation appears to remain high.
  • MTV gets some pretty serious props from Slashdot for Gamers’ Week. It is simply impossible to doubt MTVN’s committment to games at this point, what with the acquisitions of Harmonix, Atom, Neopets, etc…
  • The Escapist has posted a perspective on game blogs. Not sure I’d agree with all of it; for example, I have more than a few relatively “casual” gamer friends who still read Joystiq. But it’s true that many companies still seem to be struggling with how to engage the blogging community (IMO: a bit more openness, a bit less hype, and regular communication goes a long way).

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