Articles of Interest

  • The Washington Post writes about Madden’s tremendous impact on the NFL and its fans. No longer surprising, but always fun to see a concrete example of the power of games in full effect. Relatedly, a very funny (but fake) letter from Madden’s lowest-rated NFL player is getting lots of attention. (warning: letter full of profanity)
  • I forgot to mention earlier: Pogo has implemented a new virtual currency called “Gems”, which can be used to buy virtual items, etc. A development worth watching given Pogo’s large audience.
  • Also in the “old news” category: most game magazines continue to tread water or lose subscribers, but Game Informer actually experienced a huge spike in subscribers thanks to GameStop promotions. It’s now a top-40 magazine in the US.
  • For fellow bloggers: in a completely unscientific study, I correlated yesterday’s traffic spike (1100 more visitors than usual) with unique visits to my feed (50 more than usual). One could therefore surmise that approximately 4.5% of that traffic will potentially “stick” (not including repeat visitors who don’t use RSS readers). Again: totally unscientific — there’s a thousand things I can’t know that affect this number.

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