Articles of Interest

  • Via Slashdot, word that the Milgram experiment was recreated in a virtual environment. I always thought that the video footage from Milgram’s original experiment was incredibly powerful stuff that every high school student should be required to watch. (PS. Best — if most twisted — Slashdot story comment I’ve read in a long time: “So when does this come out for the Wii?”)
  • Also via Slashdot, a research team at Intel built a game that works entirely within Google Earth.
  • One year ago, I would never have guessed that HDTVs would soon be in 33M US homes.
  • Ian Bogost writes about the Burger King Xbox 360 games, noting that there’s more to these games than the brand loyalty they might generate. Quote: “Burger King used these games as a lure to draw Xbox owners into their stores… the same strategy fast food companies use in their kid’s meals every week… In the world of marketing, this strategy is called promotion.”
  • In case you’re curious, Next Gen has posted a thorough list of Games of 2007 on Xbox 360.
  • A web portal, designed with the Wii’s opera browser in mind, offering free flash games. I’m so curious to see how Nintendo responds to initiatives like this (assuming it responds at all.)

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