Articles of Interest

  • Andre Vrignaud asked the Xbox community to tell him how Live should evolve. Tons of responses. Skimming them will give you some insight into the desires of Xbox’s most passionate customers.
  • A detailed account of a virtual war that has erupted in Second Life.
  • Ubisoft is attempting to crack the “very young / pseudo-edutainment” market with a game that lets kids create images, brush a monster’s teeth, play dress-up, etc.
  • Via Edge, go make yourself a Parappa the Rapper-style 2d dancing image. You’ll waste ten minutes of your life and love it. I want this fleshed out and turned into a game!
  • The development contract for Call Of Duty: Finest Hour has been published and picked apart by Gamasutra, for all the world to see. (Long article — I’m still working my way through it.)
  • The top 15 selling games in Japan this past week were for Nintendo hardware; all but two were published by Nintendo. Wow. This helps illustrate two things:
    1. One more reason why Sony should be freaking out [they have always relied on the Japanese market to safeguard them against Microsoft] and,
    2. Why third party publishers are becoming worried about their prospects in Japan [Nintendo IP generally steals the show on Nintendo hardware, and Sony has a better reputation than Nintendo when it comes to working with third party publishers. Hopefully with the help of more titles like Blue Dragon, Xbox can finally begin to fill the void…]

    And speaking of Nintendo, check out this cute Wii-related weight loss testimonial (thanks, Ben).

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