Articles of Interest

  • Bioware has announced vague but “big” plans for episodic extensions of some upcoming games. IMO, that qualifies as a significant (if exploratory) vote of confidence in the business model. Speaking of, I’d love to witness a no-holds-barred debate between Ray Muzyka and Mark Rein on this topic.  đź™‚
  • Via Parmesh, some insight into the inevitably huge (but currently somewhat uninspired) Indian mobile game market. The entrepreneur in me just drools over the (eventual) possibilities…!
  • Nintendo and Six Flags have joined forces to promote one another. Some will argue over the wisdom of this particular partnership, but I’ll sidestep that debate and simply express support for the general idea: i.e. advertising console gaming to a broader audience. Nintendo continues to lean in the right general direction.

PS. I just landed in China; will be here on business for about a week. Hopefully I’ll have some good stories to tell soon!

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