Articles of Interest

  • Circuit City is dipping its toes into used game sales. Didn’t work out for Best Buy; I’ll be curious to see if it works out for CC.
  • Nickelodeon’s ME:TV, airing from 5pm to 6pm, will showcase original user-generated content uploaded by kids. The show will include a participatory element (real-time voting via, etc.) Love it!
  • Henry writes about Bandai’s attempts to court US pirates of Japanese anime.
  • Border Watch, which enables live viewing of the Texas/Mexico border, has recorded 200k subscribers, 25M hits, and 12k emails, and is now seeking to become a permanently sustainable program. (Very serious) big brother concerns aside, this is an example of something that could be turned into a crowd-sourcing game, though the current level of interest possibly indicates that such design effort isn’t even necessary.
  • Interview with Capcom Marketing VP, Charles Bellfield, which focuses in part on incorporating user-feedback into game design, encouraging word of mouth, etc. The interview doesn’t delve as deeply as I’d like, but it’s good to see another major publisher focusing on these issues.

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