Articles of Interest

  • Via Raph, a lovely game (to be shared with all skeptical friends and family) that attempts to explain how video games teach.
  • Remarkable account of creative hiring practices employed by Mark Kern, founder of Red 5 (previously interviewed by me here.)
  • Mixed news on the PS3 launch in UK, Australia, and France. Apparently, the French launch was a disaster, but the UK launch was solid. (PSP is apparently doing well in the UK as well.)
  • Article about building user communities. Some of it will seem very obvious to you, but there are a couple of interesting ideas sprinkled in there.
  • EA starts a music label. Yet another example of the increasing cultural and business impact of games (and of EAs inevitable progression to massive media conglomerate…)
  • Very funny comic about Viva Piñata.  🙂
  • Great article about Webkinz and Club Penguin. One thing I didn’t realize — Webkins limits the amount of time kids can play games, apparently to great effect. I guess busy adults aren’t the only people you can attract by avoiding typical timesink game designs…

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