Articles of Interest

  • EMI Group will soon sell all its music (minus the Beatles catalog) through iTunes with no DRM whatsoever.
  • Nice article by Damion Schubert about “casual” vs. “hardcore” gamers. A useful read for both designers and marketers. I agree with much of it.
  • Norwegian Cruise Line is putting Wii consoles on all its ships. My congratulations to Nintendo. This kind of thing helps our entire industry.
  • Mario and Sonic will appear together for the first time in a Wii game based on the 2008 Olympics. Honest question: doesn’t Sonic win all the racing events by default?  🙂
  • Family Guy. Bill Clinton. DDR. Video goodness.
  • Harmonix brings us Rock Band, successor to Guitar Hero. Sounds awesome, though I wonder how many owners of Guitar Hero 2 will be willing to transition over.

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