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  • Ken Kutaragi, CEO of SCEI and “Father of the Playstation,” has apparently been forced out.
  • On a more positive note, Sony announced the new PlayStation Eye camera, along with a very cool-sounding card game (by Hasbro) which will take advantage of the Eye. Basically, physical cards are tracked by the camera and come to life on screen as animated monsters!
  • According to Bloomberg, Nintendo has 79 games for the DS and 45 titles for the Wii in development. Those are remarkable numbers. Third party publishers (with an interest in these platforms) can’t be overly thrilled about so much competition from “the home team.”
  • A coalition of architects and designers are seeking to “wikify” architecture through the use of Second Life. A great experiment, though I suspect that innovation centered around virtual objects (untied to land) is more likely to succeed… especially given that land has a price in SL.
  • Microsoft has launched the Xbox Live Originals contest. Xbox users are invited to create a pilot TV episode. Standout finalists will be featured on Marketplace in July; the winner will receive a $100K deal with Xbox Live to create a six-episode series.

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  1. Architecture isn’t tied to land in SL if you don’t want it to be. Yeah, if you want to have an installation that lasts for months, you should get some land. But if you just want to build something or show it off, you don’t need to spend a dime. “3D Wiki” is a really excellent way to describe that use of SL, BTW. I’m stealing that. 🙂

    I don’t know what to think about the Eye games, except that they will probably be way more gimmicky than any Wii games. Because, of course, Sony is treating it as a gimmick and probably won’t make more than 5 games that use the Eye. At least they’re not explicitly calling it a “Toy” this time.

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