Articles of Interest

  • Some information about the size of the market for casual MMOs for children.
  • I’m really excited about Fracture, a shooter being made by LucasArts. Your weapons dramatically deform the terrain around you, with tactical implications for all involved. LucasArts is also promising a “richer narrative”… let’s hope they deliver!
  • The History Channel is accompanying each episode of the new show Dogfights with game episodes that mirror the content of the show. Watch a famous dogfight, then participate in it.
  • Fun “crayon” game, done in under a week by the talented Petri Purho.
  • EA announced the establishment of EA Casual Entertainment, a new division focused on casual games, headed by former Activision Publishing president Kathy Vrabeck.
  • A report by Game Informer suggests that 90% of Nintendo’s sales and marketing staff will choose to leave the company rather than leave Redmond (as part of a previously-announced group relocation.) This includes three top executives. The whole thing’s a bit of a head-scratcher.
  • 2K Games has developed HistoriCanada, a Civ3 mod that teaches Canadian history. It will be packaged with copies of Civilization III and donated to 100,000 Canadian high school students.
  • Nice article about business simulations, including thoughts on the serious and not-so-serious. (For those who read it: I played the beer game during my Sloan orientation. Ah… memories.)

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