What I’m Saying and Doing

There’s a three part interview of me published on XBLArcade.com. If you’re interested in Xbox Live Arcade, you will probably enjoy it. If not, feel free to pass. 🙂

BTW, I’m sorry that I have written so infrequently as of late. I confess to: A) being smitten by summer fever, and B) being a bit preoccupied. I’ve accepted an invitation by Pearson to write a book about business and video games. Not the business of games per se, but a book about how businesses of all kinds can take advantage of games. By, for example, using games to train their employees, using games to advertise to their customers, using games to crowd-source, etc. I’ll be co-writing the book with a brilliant friend, Ethan Mollick, who has graciously agreed to work with me. Which is great, because otherwise I might still be writing this book ten years from now.

(Actually, I couldn’t. These pesky publishing contracts appear to include deadlines.)

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