Articles of Interest

Via Kim, news that Microsoft has unveiled a relatively progressive policy on the use of our video game IP for non-commercial purposes. I’m glad to see us moving in this direction, though I hope that in the future, we’ll re-evaluate the restrictions on fan fiction (in particular).

An unknown EA employee has allegedly been scrubbing EA’s wikipedia entry of anything deemed negative. The wikipedia community has already restored all the scrubbed content… and added an entire paragraph about the scrubbing itself.

Kongregate raised $5M from VC Greylock. Cash will be used in part to fund exclusive indie games. Here’s an interview with Jim, the founder (and a friend of mine from Pogo.) Grats, Jim!

Half the blogs I frequent have already linked to this interview with Jonathan Blow, but I only found the time to read it now (as it’s extremely long.) Now I know why it received so many links — a fascinating look into the mind of a very creative designer. Check it out.

MTV Networks now claims it will spend $500M on videogames over the next two years.

BioShock will sim-ship on Steam and at retail. Another notch in Valve’s belt.

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