Games as Platforms Wrap-up

Kim has already responded to my most recent post with a concise wrap-up. To avoid belaboring things, I’ll do the same.

This still seems to me like a case of “take no chances” vs. “take full advantage of the opportunities.” Kim argues that the FS team is already capitalizing on most of my ideas, but that’s not actually the case. For example, he notes that the FS team already helps third parties advertise, but my whole point was that FS can offer both free venues (as they do now) and premium venues — deriving more revenue in the process. Isn’t that a good thing?

At the end of the day, this is a bit like a liberal and ultra-liberal arguing about politics. We’re both platform fanatics. More to the point, we’re suckers for a vigorous debate. …But you’re still wrong, Kim. 😉

Stay tuned till next time, when we’ll tackle the even thornier subject of peanut butter: “creamy or chunky?” It’ll be a battle royale!

2 responses to “Games as Platforms Wrap-up

  1. Hey Dave,

    I’m with you man, MS could find lots of ways to better exploit its Flight Sim franchise.

    Hey what do you think about all the articles starting to float up about 60% of people in Japan are letting their wiis gather dust? Is the wii just one expensive sony eyetoy?

  2. I think people all over the world (not just Japan) are letting their Wiis gather dust. The content flow for the Wii has been really underwhelming. That said, Nintendo has done such an incredible job of building excitement around the Wii that I don’t think this is a fatal problem… at least for now. New customers will keep buying. And if some good games are launched over the next nine months, I think the Wii could remain a major force this console cycle. But if Wii Sports remains the most compelling experience available for the Wii, watch out below.

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