Articles of Interest

Via Ilya, the answer to the question: what happens when you fuse Pac-Man with Zork?

Some information about EA’s revenues by platform and by retailer. Short version: Gamestop ekes out Walmart, and the 360 generates (by far) the most revenue of any console platform — old or new. By next year, I expect that EA will be generating large sums of revenue from the Wii as well.

Rumors abound that, thanks to a private stock sale, Linden Lab (Second Life) is now valued at “significantly more” than five billion dollars.

Ray & Greg of Bioware discuss their views on leadership, humility, and integrity. As always, they sound like great people to work for.

Lawrence Lessig’s TED presentation on copyright, culture, democracy, and user-generated content. A must-see.

Research firm EEDAR claims that a next-gen game’s revenue can jump by 69% if the game offers both a downloadable demo and a trailer. 360 games perform 129% better, while PS3 games perform just 16% better. Impressive (on multiple levels.)

Fischer Price has unveiled a $100 “Smart Cycle” for young children. It includes a game cartridge that features “several fun and educational adventures” such as “Math Mountain.” (Ugh… I haven’t even seen the thing, and I can already say with 95% certainty that Math Mountain won’t be fun.) Notably, there are additional games available for the Cycle featuring the likes of Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob, etc.

Guitar Hero III has already sold 1.4m units across all platforms. So much for speculation that Rock Band would cripple the franchise this year…

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