Studies on Game Advertising Effectiveness?

I’ve spent the past few months interviewing many different people on the subject of games and advertising — professors, ad sales professionals, game developers — you name it. I’ve learned a great many things from these interviews, but one thing I have not learned is of the existence of much research on the topic of improving advertising effectiveness. I am referring specifically to ads in and around games, as well as advergames themselves.

I’ve found plenty of non-game-specific ad research. And there are several studies (sponsored by major publishers and/or in-game ad networks) that seek to prove advertisements in games are effective, without exploring what can make them more effective.

So I thought I’d ask you all: if you’re aware of any studies on the subject of game advertising effectiveness, especially studies that weren’t sponsored by organizations with a perceived bias, I’d greatly appreciate hearing about them.

3 responses to “Studies on Game Advertising Effectiveness?

  1. I vaguely recall that I cited a research paper that went into this exact topic in my first white paper for C3. I know that I read one, even if I didn’t actually end up citing it, so there is at least a smattering of academic research on this topic out there.

  2. Advertising is generally not cost-effective. Al Ries, formerly an ad man, wrote a good book on that subject aptly titled The Fall of Advertising and The Rise of PR. Strongly recommended.

  3. Maybe it might help if you look by target audience? I\’m doing research specifically on women gamers and I\’m trying to touch on advertising in games, for games, and licensed games as advertising (i.e., Harry Potter). I haven\’t found much outside of the corporate studies, but you might consider sociological or psychological research, again, if you have a target group in mind. And if you don\’t mind wading through a lot of studies on the game violence debate to find what you want.

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