GDC Session: Advertising & Games

My GDC lecture has been scheduled for Wednesday, 2/20, at 9am in West Hall, room 2002. I hope to see some of you there. 🙂

Advertising & Games – Opportunities, Pitfalls, and Competition: This lecture will explore some of the latest research in advertising (in general) and advertising in games (in specific), give tips on making advertising more effective, and share ideas around new ways to advertise with games. This lecture will not be another exercise in affirmation. Attendees will learn what is actually worth an advertiser’s dollar and what is not. Relatedly, attendees will gain some insight into the coming wave of advertising-supported games and “promogames” — i.e. the Xbox Burger King Games — that will change the competitive landscape of the entire game industry will also learn about new game/advertising models, as opportunities and competition.

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