GDC Session: Advertising & Games (slides now available)

Thanks to everyone who happened to attend my GDC lecture. I’m really very flattered that we had standing room only, despite something like 25 other sessions taking place at the same time (several of which I would personally have liked to attend!)

For those who asked, please feel free to download my slides here.

Next-Gen did a brief writeup of the session, which is nice. They focused on the “in-game-ads” portion of the talk. One point that didn’t make it into the Next-Gen writeup, which I’d like to clarify, is that while highly-integrated ads are indeed very effective (when done right), non-integral ads (like virtual billboards) can also be effective when done right — just in a different way. The influence of non-integral ads is more subconscious, and is limited to “low information” messages (like logos and images.) Anyway, it’s all there in the slides. 🙂

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